About Us

We are a small batch skincare line in Perth, Western Australia. Each of our skincare products are handmade featuring the finest native Australian Essential Oils.

It all started when...

In my 20s I read an article on the toxins large companies use to bulk out their products…the very same high-end products I was using on my skin. What I put on my body is just as important as what I put in my body. It was the start of my journey of experimenting and a whole lot of research into how to care for my body and those important to me, from the outside in.

Our name and inspiration is a throw back to the well-groomed bush ranger gang, Wild Colonial Boys, who legend has it, stole from the rich and shared with the poor. 

We don't steal from the rich, but we do believe in freedom and for everyone to be paid a living wage. That's why we support and are a supplier of House of Diamonds textiles. House of Diamonds is leading Indonesian women out of positions of strife, to places of hope by providing training & employment that empowers them to rise above difficult circumstances. We've visited them and met the women ourselves. They are true colonials, paving the way in their communities to financial security and freedom. 
House of Diamonds is part of the Freedom Business Alliance.

I look forward to sharing the journey of freedom with you.

Rosie xx